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Quora Answer : What genres do you find boring?

Dec 17

Personally, I'm not very impressed by lyrics.

The number of artists I think actually write "good" lyrics, that I want to listen to, I can count on one hand.

More artists write merely pedestrian OK lyrics. And most lyrics are cringe-worthy and banal.

I also think that most lyrics detract from the music. In other words, the music creates a genuine vibe / strong emotion. And the patheticness of the lyrics lets that down.

The paradox here is that I find lyrics that are obviously perfunctory and simply placeholders in, say, pop or dance music, easier to ignore and less obnoxiously off-putting than lyrics from artists who think they have (or should have) something to say, but really don't.

So I find pretty much any genre that thinks of itself as, or is admired for, having something deep and meaningful to say, as pretty boring.

For me, that's a toss up between all "singer-songwriters" and their acoustic guitars. And the fucking piano ballads. Both are musically bland because they have to be easy enough to play by someone who is also singing at the same time. That blandness is allegedly compensated by the focus on the words. But then those words rarely rise to the occasion.

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