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Is this a kind of W3C attempt to create generic WebFeeds or what Twitter etc. do?

What is the relationship between OStatus, PumpIo and ActivityPub?

My understanding is that:

  • OStatus is a decentralized social networking protocol made up of several other protocols (Atom feeds, Activity Streams, PubSubHubbub, Salmon, and WebFinger)
  • GNU Social and Mastodon are two server software applications that implement OStatus
  • API is an interface to the server software (Activity Streams, OAuth, Web Host Metadata)
  • is a instance (not accessible right now), GNU MediaGoblin is a server application that currently uses a pump-like API
  • ActivityPub is a proposed decentralized social networking protocol
  • GNU MediaGoblin is a server application that will likely implement ActivityPub

How do these protocols interoperate? Does ActivityPub completely replace OStatus, or only the Activity Streams component?


Seems to use JSONLD

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