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AI and Capitalism

Most people who worry about AI "alignment" haven't really taken seriously NickLand's point that AI and capitalism are the same thing.

For anyone on the left, the AI alignment worry (that we're building a system which will run out of control and swamp us with paper-clips) is OBVIOUSLY just Marxism 101 for people with some weird mental inhibition about admitting it.

We already built the super-human intelligence which is out-of-alignment with our welfare and interests, and is therefore turning our world into grey goo: it's called "the market".

And we're already in a fight to switch it off.

Left wingers don't worry about "the alignment problem" because we already know that humans won't be able to resist the goodies that AI offers and curb the AI's appetite. We already see humanity lacking the moral wisdom and courage in the case of capital. And in the face of the self-interested propaganda of those who benefit from it.

But rather than worry about the problem in a hypothetical (conveniently distant) future, why not face the SAME problem in the here and now?

Where it is more acute?

BillSeitz points to MikeTravers's