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A slightly comical tweet stream I wrote here

You see THIS is why you should never write documentation.

Artists are fucked by AI because there's a huge meta-database mapping text descriptions to pictures.

But programmers are smart. We've resisted the siren calls of documentation and literate programming there's a relatively impoverished database of plain text descriptions to viable code out there. And jobs are safe.

GithubCopilot is clever, but it's still writing unnecessary snippets of boilerplate that should have been abstracted away from decades ago.

There's no reason AI couldn't learn to translate English descriptions to full applications. Except we don't have good English descriptions of the codebases we have.

And I don't see that situation changing soon.

Of course, I maybe wrong. Hopefully we'll see some good AugmentedIntelligence coming to software development soon.

Perhaps next year we'll see AI doing to coding exactly what AIPainting is doing to certain kinds of illustrator. But I'm still sceptical.

Main reason is

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