Ovni is "UFO" in Portuguese. So OnviLounge is lounge music (think laid-back, easy-listening, funky, sensual, exotic, indeterminate ethnicity) for flying-saucer people (think three-heads, antenae and tentacles, the chill of interstellar space, robots, frontier electronics, charming scoundrels of the galaxy ... but keep your blaster handy etc.)

So come on! Relax and share a late-night drink (or party and dance) with weird friends from outer-space in the OvniLounge.

OVNI lounge II is now out!!!

The original OvniLounge

The 2008 demos. Extracts from work-in-progress towards Close Encounters of the Second Kind, the second OvniLounge album. Not all of these made the final album. Others are hardly changed between 2008 and the final release in 2020.


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