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Netocracy differs from some other pictures of an Informational economic mode (for example : TheAttentionEconomy) in that it emphasizes that the netocrats will rely on exclusivity of membership of networks, and the keeping of information as a resource for private imploitation.

More on exclusivity, where and how it's happening.

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  • I am free to join, but I don't have the rights of the paying members who can (in some circumstances) see me when I can't see them. This inequality is troubling, but parallels other fee-for-rights movements, like paid travel lanes in public highways. But since, in principal, I want to be contacted in some circumstances this should be ok, right? Well, only so long as I am never spammed, and it seems likely that those paying for the paid memberships are more likely to be using the service to sell, sell, sell.*

In the final analysis, I bet that pay-for-play won't work. Open social networking services, even those that are oriented toward business, will need to operate on a more egalitarian footing: where all members have basically the same rights and privileges, even if there is a fee for membership based on servcies rendered.

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