I wonder if this article on spotting crackpots in science has a relation. Effectively it says the cause or symptom of being a crackpot is that you aren't tightly enough coupled with the critical mass of those inside cutting edge physics.

Interesting 2014 predictions on the future of work (http://research.gigaom.com/2013/12/the-future-of-work-4-trends-for-2014/), StoweBoyd points out that companies are increasingly using social data in their hiring and evaluation processes :

[Pentland] learned a number of interesting lessons. About a third of team performance, he discovered, can usually be predicted merely by the number of face-to-face exchanges among team members. (Too many is as much of a problem as too few.) Using data gathered by the badges, he was able to predict which teams would win a business-plan contest, and which workers would (rightly) say they'd had a “productive” or “creative” day. Not only that, but he claimed that his researchers had discovered the “data signature” of natural leaders, whom he called “charismatic connectors” and all of whom, he reported, circulate actively, give their time democratically to others, engage in brief but energetic conversations, and listen at least as much as they talk.