@johnfknulles Well I always say my goal for livecoding is to be able to improvise something of the scale and complexity of a Mahler symphony. :-)

Seems pointless having the expressive power of a programming language and just using it as a rather unwieldy sample launcher or cutoff knob.

@johnfknulles For me computer art is all about giving the human control or management over a larger number of moving parts and a far complexity, than the human could otherwise manage without augmentation.

@johnfknulles This, BTW, is why I'm so hostile to the cult of "DirectManipulation".

When you obsess about direct manipulation, you lose sight of the possibility of "indirect manipulation" and the extra power and expressivity that computers can give you through abstraction.

@johnfknulles There's so much space to explore in the partnership of humans and computers once we cure ourselves of thinking that there has to be a 1-to-1 correspondence between each gesture the human does and each gesture the machine responds with.