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(ReadWith) : RemixCulture, OpenRemixableData

The MusicalStuff version

Essentially another term for what we were calling "bootlegs" ie. the mixing of two pieces of music to make a third.

Will be automated? (MusicAndAI)

(ReadWith) EnterpriseMashups

Now generalized as a basic pillar of WebTwoPointZero, the idea that you can take data from two other sites and services and put them together to make a third.

Really this goes back to PhilipGreenspun's "Bill Gates Wealth Clock" and what I call a Greenspun 4 model (PhilipGreenspunsFourModels)

Mashing-up the idea of mashups with camps, MashupCamp (Compare HyperCamp)

Current Jan / Feb 2006 :

It's BangTheRocksTogether and SynaesMedia