This looks a nightmare :

A giant project to produce a huge, bureaucratic, OpenSource, militantly Java based piece of software for universities.

Imperative instructions in the FAQ like this :

8. Should current CHEF developers continue development in CHEF, or will the rewrite of the framework be so substantial as to negate any value from doing this?

There is value in this to the following extent: (1) Learning about Java, (2) Learning about Tomcat, (3) learning about a service framework and APIs, and (3) exploring the basic functionality of the tools. We expect that the CHEF tools will appear in the first release of Sakai 1.0 with little or no changes as a core set of working elements. Your team could engage in some exploratory development in CHEF, but any significant tool/service development should wait, probably till June 2004, when Sakai is released because the OKI interfaces will be preferred over the CHEF interfaces in Sakai. OKI OSID development on the side of your campus services, on the other hand, can proceed sooner

inspire zero confidence.

My bet. The funders have lost their $6.8 million and the whole thing will have been forgotten in ten years time (2014). If I'm wrong, you're welcome to come back here and sneer.

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