I'm not about to start. But insects are an under-utilized, energy efficient source of protein. A possible grower in the future.

"Sky prawns"? Yeah, right! Like I'm gonna fall for that one : http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/4032143.stm

At first sight, insects ought to be the ideal way to produce protein and other important nutriments more cheaply to a larger number of people. They're very small and grow very quickly. You could grow them in huge quantities and densities and compress them into something fairly anonymous like burgers (which wouldn't be too offputting.)

But my guess is this wouldn't fly because billions of insects growing in a crowded space are still going to produce a lot of waste material. They're gonna excrete a lot of bad unwanted stuff. How are you going to clean that out and separate it from the insects before processing?

Maybe this is a general problem with doing anything in large, dense amounts. Does it hold for all swarm strategies?

(See also : SepticTanks, HighDensityLiving)