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When Covid-19 struck three years ago, there was an overriding sense that our geography would be forever changed. Pummeled by the first wave of the pandemic, large dense cities like New York, San Francisco and London were said to face an existential crisis.

Three years later, big cities are still standing and where people live did not undergo a massive shift. Instead, the pandemic accelerated trends and changes that were already well underway. What has seen a more fundamental change is where and how we work. A huge swath of knowledge work is no longer tied to the office. This shift to remote work has been devastating for central business districts, even as urban downtowns are reinventing themselves.

But the biggest shift of all was one that few predicted: There has been a massive spike in housing prices and rents, a metastasizing problem of housing affordability that is plaguing communities of all shapes and sizes — big cities, small cities, established cities, upcoming cities, suburbs, and rural areas.

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