Some time ago (MicropaymentsForAndAgainst/DiscussionWithStumblingTongue) I said :

Hmmm. Instant business model ... if I was a media company, I'd buy a software agregator and get into the business of branding and selling (or advertising on) it eg. AmphetaGuardian : talks nicely to feeds on the Guardian site but also pulls in feeds from any weblog you like. Guardian then keep their brand in your eye and sell other services around it.

January 2005, DaveWiner : Anyway, all those logos, when will it end? I can't imagine that Microsoft is far behind, and then someday soon CNN is going to figure out that they can have their own branded aggregator for their own users (call me if you want my help, I have some ideas about this) and then MSNBC will follow, and Fox, etc. Sheez even Best Buy and Circuit City will probably have a "Click here to subscribe to this in our aggregator" button before too long.

NewsGator have a private label platform which does just what I suggested :

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