Originally on Twitter and then on my blog : http://sdi.thoughtstorms.info/?p=1432

During a debate on Twitter ManuelSimoni (@msimoni) says :

But I don't want a file system, I want Xanadu. But it should still be editable through a WIMP/desktop UI.

I reply :

Sure. We all want / work towards Xanadu :-) Though at the very least I want mine to run on a tablet, have swipe-able cards like Material Design, and allow me to write Prolog-like rules for making automatic inferences that generate new information / views.

To which Manuel replies :

Do you think a tablet is a good device for creating content, or are you talking just about browsing?

And my response :

I think the tablet COULD be a perfectly good device for content creation if people would just do the damned UI design work to make it good. Right now, we haven't figured it out. This is where graphical input could be very useful.

This is a whole other story.

It seems that social apps have figured out ways to get users to put a lot of data into their systems. Problem is that the data is just being used for social media type things.

Could we make UIs that "afford" input the way that FB, IG etc. do, which actually feed that information into more useful apps?

The Twitter "roll-up" type apps. and Telegram bots smell interesting here. Why not have more agents extracting data from streams of short inputs, which can collate them into larger more useful blocks of information?

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