AttackOnTheCastleOfLove (ThoughtStorms)

I'm intrigued by this genre of MediaevalArt that I saw at the British museum today.

It's a finely carved ivory scene showing knights besieging a castle defended by women. An allegory of courtly love.

The knights are shown firing bundles of roses from giant catapults or firing flowers from cross-bows.

It immediately put me in mind of this classic image from Banksy.

which I described on Quora in the following way :

Why does it speak to so many people? I think it's because it brilliantly captures the tensions and frustrations many of us feel. We want to live peacefully, on the side of the flowers. We don't see ourselves as fighters, as rioters or as part of an angry mob.

And yet we feel called to the fight. We recognise injustice and oppression. And wish we could rebel against it.

We use the image to say I'm mad as hell. And I'm not going to take it any more. But damnit, this angry person isn't the real me.

Of course, there is something a bit DonkeyKong about this siege scenario too :

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