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Short video format SocialMedia is the new BigTech player threatening to take over the world


But the biggest tell that TikTok is the new Facebook? A little-noticed policy shift in May: the release of the TikTok login kit. The tool set permits third-party app developers to allow users to log in to their apps using their TikTok account.


It harks back to 19th century amateur dramatics and "parlour games" : https://psyche.co/ideas/what-tiktok-videos-have-in-common-with-victorian-parlour-games

FaceBook is worried about losing its dominance.


TikTok and Sinophobia

TikTok comes from China. Though is largely based outside it now. SocialMediaInChina

There's obviously a new round of SinoPhobia related to this.

But is there any justification for it? TikTok is just like the rest of PlatformCapitalism in spying on its users. Is it connected to Chinese government too, though?


Quora Answer : Is TikTok the worst invention in human history?

Jul 21, 2020


TikTok is just a popular social media app that isn't owned by Americans.

And so Americans (and wannabe Americans) are suddenly terrified by the idea that they're giving all their data to social media app. that's kinda / sorta Chinese.

For those of who aren't American, Facebook has long been the "worst invention in human history"