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A Brazilian programming language.

Especially focused on having a small, light VirtualMachine that can be embedded for scripting in other applications.

(Kind of rival to GuileScheme)

Favoured in games, hardware hacking :

Teliva is an interesting combined "live" programming environment project based on it.

A variant seems to be used in DynamicLand


Quora Answer : Is learning Lua still worthwhile?

Oct 29, 2019

I think Lua is one of those languages that you learn if and when you need it.

Basically there are places that Lua runs where nothing else runs. (In small, embedded systems, and embedded in other software). And if you need, or even just want, to program there, then learn Lua. It's a reasonable language. Quite pleasant to use. You'll get your work done without cursing the language every five minutes. (Though I'm starting to feel murderous towards whoever made the choice that object:message should mean what object.message means in every other mainstream OO language, and that object.message in Lua means something subtly different.)

Outside those niches, I don't see it as a general purpose language that you'd want to use in preference to the more mainstream languages. In most places, Python or Javascript or Ruby will be a viable alternative and I don't, currently, see any reason you'd prefer Lua to them if they're available. The ideas in Lua are more or less the same as the ideas in those languages, and your code will be pretty similar.