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Here's one way I characterize the difference between left and right.

Via this Quora question : https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-difference-between-the-left-wing-and-the-right-wing-What-is-the-difference-on-a-basic-level-and-on-a-hardcore-politician-level/answer/Phil-Jones

This is a good question. I'll try to sum it up like this.

Let's say we look at the world and we see that we're born into a system. It's pretty well established (over centuries) and complex. There are property rights. And laws. And institutions (marriage, and churches and football etc.) And culture. (The books we like to read and films we like to watch and way we talk etc.)

The right-winger looks at this system and says.

"If politicians can just come along and overturn this system, these rights or these institutions, then there is no stability. No security. I have no freedom (from their interference). There must be things which are impervious to the whims of the politicians or the baying of the mob. Otherwise it's tyranny."

The left-winger looks at this system and says

"If I and my friends can't overturn this system, these rights or these institutions when they aren't good for us, then we are effectively its prisoners. We have no freedom (from the predations of the system), no opportunity, no security. There must be mechanisms by which we can get together to change a world which does not suit us. Otherwise it's tyranny."

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