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Quora Answer : Are there any famous female jazz musicians that actually play an instrument and are not singers?

Mar 8, 2020

I'm not sure they never sing.

But some of my favourite musicians in any genre, and the coolest cats of all time, are cosmic harpists.

AliceColtrane here on harp, piano and the keyboard.

Alice is the force of creation, mystic voyager, and total visionary. Here collaborating with Carlos Santana

No one can really be cooler than Alice Coltrane.

Unless you managed to be Alice Coltrane before Alice Coltrane.

I give you DorothyAshby

And here funking out with Persian poetry on the koto

Quora Answer : What is this type of music called?

May 8, 2020

It's basically a kind of new age-ish harp music.

Sometimes you'll find this mischaracterized as "celtic harp" eg.

Basically search for "relaxing" and "harp" and you'll probably find a tonne of it.

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