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Comment I made at UmairHaque's blog about integrating voluntary payments with aggregators (in response to his post on IndieKarma) : http://www.bubblegeneration.com/2006/05/20.cfm

Hmm. For a moment I thought it's a clever twist on MicroPayments : making donating as easy as possible with something like a one-click "pay this" bookmarklet.

But then I realize that the money is automatically taken as you surf. That pretty much makes it incompatible with my surfing habits. I often start the morning by opening 5 or 6 tabs with some of my favourite blogs, get side-tracked surfing off one of them, and then end up closing the browser three hours later without reading the others.

Presumably IndieKarma is gonna charge me every time I open the page, even when I'm not reading?

The other obvious question is this : if I'm a fan of a blog, aren't I likely to be reading it in an aggregator?

Which raises the even more interesting question : wouldn't some kind of voluntary payment / fandom deal be much more aptly managed in an aggregator? It makes much more sense for an aggregator to count posts than a browser to count visits. And subscribing to a feed already signals a level of commitment.

I think the IndieKarma model might make a lot more sense in aggregator space. Imagine something like bloglines and up the ante a bit. You get 10 dollars when you open your account. Each dollar gets committed to a feed, although the account is still only decremented a cent for each post you receive. If you want to subscribe to more feeds you have to start putting extra money in. When you've spent the dollar allocated to a feed, you stop receiving it unless you recharge the account.

The nice things about this service :

Compare this with Feedpass : http://www.techcrunch.com/2006/05/21/feedpass-does-absolutely-nothing/

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