tourbusstop (ThoughtStorms)

This is the ThoughtStorms bus stop.

Welcome to ThoughtStorms. This is the PersonalWiki of PhilJones, a place whe I get to make wild, crazy assertions about anything that pops into my head, and you are invited to ArgueAgainstMe. In general expect to find PoliticalStuff, ProgrammingStuff, stuff about OrganicArchitecture, futurology, a little bit of MusicalStuff and InternetCultureStuff, with an emphasis on looking for analogies between these different domains and cross-polinating ideas between them.

The buses...

...anytime you're ready to leave.

Famous sites to visit here at the ThoughtStorms:

;TopicsDiscussedHere: for an overview of what ThoughtStorms is about and the kind of connections I make. ThemesOfThisWiki slices it a different way

;HomePage: because I actually have a useful contents and overview on my home-page.

;Probably the most famous page (because SebPaquet linked to it): TheHilariousTragedy

;Not Famous Site: IAmNeverGoingToGetFamousWithMyWiki

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