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I left off filling this in for while until I knew what I was going to talk about here ...

Basically I follow a lot of the discussion going on on the net, in many fields. So what's the point of A.N.Other discussion?

I think I want to emphasize the overlap / conversation between several fields that interest me :

Q : What sort of overlaps?

A : For example. In many of these cases there's a conflict between RationalismAndEmpiricism. Where the rationalist approach is to emphasize theories which guide action; and the empiricist is to emphasize observation and learning from experience :

: It also combines faith in markets, a belief in SelfOrganization - but note NetworksAndMarketFailure. Nevertheless I think that a viable left position must absorb the empiricist intuition (LeftAndRightAndScale, EmpiricalSocialism, DecentralizedLeft)

: Moreover, I'm very excited by the book Noise which is a political economy of music. One which argues music is the medium which heralds new changes in political and economic organization, partly because it's so fluid. In this sense, it's a good guide to TheLogicOfTheFuture.

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