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I'm converted ... I'm a Pythonista!

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: and JonUdell on how they'll almost certainly be used together :

Python on the SmallTalk virtual machine :



Countering objections to it :

Compare Ruby

If you want another language to play with the RubyLanguage is well worth playing with.

: I was going to ask you about languages. Your profile suggests you are still mainly PerlLanguage oriented. I won't hear anything said against Perl, but I confess that I've shifted into thinking of Python as my default language for any new project. And now, when I come to maintain an old perl script, I'm likely to re-write it in Python as part of the maintainence process.

: I looked at the RubyLanguage site, but haven't yet seen a compelling reason to abandon Python for it. What are the advantages? -- PhilJones