Microsoft's Avalon, ThePerfectRewrite?

Summary : they've given up on backward compatibility, allowed the Windows API to fragment into incompatible versions, and developers don't know where to go. Instead they're going to the web (and God help us, even JavaLanguage I suppose)

JonUdell points out that Avalon is going for a clean rewrite of the presentation layer.


On the other hand MicroSoft are always promising clean re-writes which never appear, but who's technology ends up being folded back into the BigBallOfMud eg. OS/2, Cairo etc. Possibly nothing new happening here ...

ZbigniewLukasiak points out : [Microsoft Microsoft Is Planning To Renew IE Development] SlashDot story.

Some of the /. comments suggest that this reconstitution of the IE team is a U-turn based on the fact LongHorn will miss it's release deadline. Could be another clean rewrite which, because MS hedge their bets, ends up get folded back into old code base.

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