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Guess I'm a typical online geek.

My personal homepage (with more info, and links to various projects and art works) is at :

I'm interested in, well, everything this wiki is about. But in summary ...

My current obsession, which I'm trying to figure out how to make a career from, is DesktopFabrication / SoftwareThatMakesStuff

TopThoughts is a list of some of my "best" (ie. longer, more coherent) writings.

My Software

A lot of my software can be found on GitHub :

Some projects that have pages here include :

Also :


I love music and occasionally write weird programs to compose it. (PhilsMusic, MusicalStuff)

I helped found Optimaes to understand more about money and economics.

I spent most of my 20s in academia thinking about ArtificialLife, PhilosophyOfMind, and particularly IndividualRecognition

I rave about OrganicArchitecture and how good dense, complex urban environments are ... possibly because I (sometimes) live in Brasilia


I used to have SleepApnea and didn't get enough oxygen. But after having my tonsils removed and losing weight, this is much improved.

Several years ago : PhilIsStupid


I hate photos of me, so if I have to post one, might as well be somewhere interesting. (Atacama Desert, Northern Chile, Jan 2004)

Phil Jones

Anarchy. Abstraction. Systems. Patterns. Form.

This page contains my HCard

See also GreatWallOfChina for old photo



Hi Phil, I just suggested the Eclectic wiki because that is the one I run! ;-) would you be interested in setting up the personal wiki tour? I think that the use mod tour would be cool also! Best, MarkDilley


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: The IntellectualPropertyPolicyOfThisWiki states that it's a requirement that you put anything you post here into the PublicDomain.

Actually by and large your areas of interest match a lot with mine, but I am not into Social Justice as much as you do.

Cheers (and responded)

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Hey Phil, interesting thing this here, cu -- MattisManzel :)

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