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Created pretty good unix workstations.

Got :

ManageAbility on what Sun desperately needs to do (August 2004) : http://www.manageability.org/blog/stuff/java-unbound

Their FreeSoftware strategy : http://www.linuxworld.com/story/46131.htm.

I started by thinking this was a lame attempt to rebrand "free" as in "open" as in "open standards more important than open source". Freedoms more important than freedom of reading and sharing code.

And of course, the problem with the "we're high-level system integrators of free software components" as a business model is, once you've made the integrated package, it's still possible for someone to undercut you by giving that away unless you include non-free components like installers / package managers etc.

However, I started thinking like this. High level aggregation does indeed seem open to being undercut by others sharing your integrated packages. But maybe there's a ConservationOfModularity thing going on. The commoditized thing (ie. the package which anyone can copy) may move to different places. One day it's system integration. The next it's in a component. And Sun can always be at one of those fronts.

In fact, it sounds like they've got true religion. (Or are desperately clinging to it as their last hope.)

(JoelSpolsky http://www.cincomsmalltalk.com/blog/blogView?showComments=true&entry=3272153858 (JoelSpolsky said something similar too.)