nichejobboards (ThoughtStorms)

There's definitely a lot to like about the new trend for niche job-boards.



** Who else could do this? Artima? ThePragmaticProgrammers? DaveWiner? BruceEckels? JakobNielsen?

** Could there be an aggrogate of slightly less famous tech. bloggers who could do this? BlogNetworks ? Actually, looks like 37 Signals is this.

In fact, it looks like Joel is rapidly re-invented the tech. job finding industry according to his own ideas and prejudices.

But step back a bit. What's going on here? Someone with strong opinions about how a particular market should work, and enough attention from the relevant people, can create a functioning new market according to their rules.

The communication technology is now so cheap as to be a negligible. Ideas + attention are everything.

So what other opportunities beyond job-boards might there be?

** Or a SmartDisorganizedIndividuals one ;-)


BillSeitz sceptically thinks that even this might get pulverised into MicroChunks.

I'm chewing over the idea of buying AdWords next time, just on blogs (GooGle's "content network").

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