homemadecurriculum (ThoughtStorms)

I'm not an autodidact. I'm a blogodidact. I get taught by the blogosphere.

Naturally, I had to design a curriculum for the course I'm taking. I've chosen several "modules", each represented by a number of blogs I read reasonably regularly.

Now, I don't want to give the impression that this is just a list of "good" bloggers. Or blogs I regularly read. For example I read BillSeitz, GrahamLally and several others as frequently as, if not more than, I read these. And I get good links and ideas from these people too.

But I guess these are my tutors. These are the blogs / sites which set the agenda and guide my learning on particular topics at the moment. So it is possible to start thinking of them as courses.

Phew, that's a relief :) I hardly ever set out to actually teach people something - I'm still learning far too much, and changing my mind about things, to be sure about passing it on to others. No, my main aim is to prod people into thinking, even just a little bit, about what goes on around them. If that happens, that's good enough for me.

-- GrahamLally

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