helloworld (ThoughtStorms)

Welcome to ThoughtStorms Wiki

Q : What's this Wiki about?

A : This is the PersonalWiki of PhilJones

In general it's focused on things that interest me.

See ThemesOfThisWiki for a set of themes I'm interested in or StartingPoints for a version of the old front page grid. TopicsDiscussedHere has another introduction, but also quite old.

HotMiscellany is a kind of manual "RecentChanges", aimed at highlighting new and interesting pages.

Q : This Wiki looks different from the way it used to. What's with that?

It's being ported to a new experimental wiki. See the history on the ThoughtStorms page for background.

Please note that this is very much work-in-progress. Some functionality from the old ThoughtStorms is likely to be broken. Possibly permanently. Please bear with me while the text evolves to reflect some of the new realities.


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WikiNode - our neighborhood

See more OnWiki, and if you're interested, read the InformationArchitectureOfThisWiki

If you want to see the old UseMod version of the ThoughtStorms wiki it's here.