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A shorter anti-Euston

Eustonites complained about some of the rhetorical flourishes in that previous critique. And, frankly, I'm sure few people can really be bothered to read it. So here's the shorter version. (Still organized by the Euston numbering system) :

General : there are probably no essential properties of left or right thinking. But something I think is close to a "principle component" that distinguishes the left / right poles is MethodologicalHolism vs. MethodologicalIndividualism in explanation of the world. To be left, in my book, is to have a strong tendency towards explanations in terms of systems or situations rather than the characteristics of individuals. Euston has pretty much abandoned holism in favour of individualism. Attempts to "explain" our problems in terms of underlying systems are denegrated, while the world is characterized in terms of tyrants and terrorists (who are "bad" and should be condemned), and America (which is "noble" and should be followed). For this reason, I figure they've pretty much moved over to the right.

Finally, I think DariusSokolov made a very profound point about the Eustonians here :

I want to defend my point about class. Simplistically, traditional Marxists were at least committed to the idea that the exploited would be the agents of their own emancipation. So intellectuals who supported progress had to engage in dialogue and work with the working class. (Okay, didn't amount to much in practice, but at least something of the idea was there.)

If you're right and the benighted subjects of tyranny can play the role of the exploited workers for the Eustonists, who's going to save them from tyranny? I guess other 'educated white middle class guys', with bombs. The only agents of change, and so the only people worth talking to (I mean engaging, arguing with, trying to influence and convince of your ideas, etc.) are those in their own circle. A closed system. Outside it the exploited and oppressed themselves have become completely objectified - if not tyrannised victims, they're dolts.

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