davewiner (ThoughtStorms)

If you don't know, time to get to know : http://www.scripting.com , http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dave_Winer

2006 : Threatens to stop blogging. http://www.scripting.com/2006/03/15.html#retirementRoundup

Frankly, I have no idea about the real Dave. But if the virtual one stops blogging and contributing to the web it's gonna be a tremendous loss. And I am certainly going to miss ScriptingNews.

As I already said below, I think Winer's unique in the combination of talents and attitudes he brings. There really isn't anyone else like him (although he inspires a lot of us to try). And I don't like the reason he's leaving at all. I don't think he's out of ideas, or has finished everything he could do. He's just being driven out by politics.

Innovator / pioneer / proselatyzer :

On being a software developer : * I can tell you, from personal experience, that there's nothing more satisfying as a professional software developer than to have a product resonate with the market, to have thousands of people tell you that they couldn't work without your software. To get there, you have to learn from them as you teach. Yes, your software is great, I believe you, but if no one uses it, it can't make the world a better place.*

Why he's a ThoughtStormsGuru : http://www.aether.com/archives/000008.html

BenignDictator of RSS2.0

Says :

Mitch Kapor says we're all spending our careers implementing Dave Winer's ideas. That's nice but I always implement my ideas first, and sometimes it takes an amazingly long time for the cloners to clone them, and they usually don't get it right, and that includes Mitch.

Well that's hubris, but there's a kernel of truth. Winer didn't invent blogs (nor claims to). But no one else works harder to promote the chosen tech. (WebLogs, syndication, OutLiners etc. ) nor manages to combine :


Now blacklisted from the conference circuit apparently : http://www.docuverse.com/blog/donpark/EntryViewPage.aspx?guid=81e6c567-fc29-4b97-a1a3-a8a39d0da678

Their loss.

DannyAyres made him a birthday present : OpmlToFOAF

Criticism : http://eyeonwiner.org/

And a sad falling out : http://scripting.wordpress.com/2006/03/15/about-feedsscriptingcom/ http://www.cadenhead.org/workbench/news/2881/letter-dave-winers-attorney, http://scripting.wordpress.com/2006/03/15/about-feedsscriptingcom/