Notice BeatBlog has an RSS feed? Not for the trivial words. But to support Beats in RSS enclosures. The problem is, I haven't tested it yet. The XML looks OK, but I need to try it with some aggregators that support enclosures.

Anyone got ideas which ones do? My Radio Userland trial license expired before I got this working, so I'm still looking for something free or that I can try it out with.

If you've managed to get the RSS feed working and BeatBlog enclosures downloading, please tell me.

:I get notice of your posts, but can't download, or even tab to you page on my browser from NewsReaderLite that I use. - 6.13.3 MarkDilley

:Thanks Mark. I guess enclosures aren't well supported. I've been trying out Amphetadesk, which is proving useful in other ways, but doesn't mention anything about enclosures. – PhilJones


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