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Google close Reader and suddenly RSS is in play again. New companies coming out with feed readers. New ideas?


RSS isn't dead, but RobertScoble has some interesting thoughts on problems that a generic RiverOfNews on top of RSS has to compete against Twitter / FaceBook :


State of RSS :

DaveWiner's original vision :

: Maybe just send the changes :

** Now there's RSS 1.1 :

Today's Aphorism :

RSS is to the web, what the pipe is to Unix (TheUnixPipe)

Also, what is RSS-data? :

RSS maybe replaced by RSS 3.0 :

: having got into the power of RawIncluding over on Beach:HomePage and BeatBlog I'm a convert. :-)

: (Comment from Oli: My understanding was that RSS 3.0 was a joke mocking DaveWiner's obsession with a particular notion of simplicity)

A wiki about RSS :

Now MMORPGS (or similar) are spitting out reports of what's going on using RSS :

In science publishing : (See (See also AcademiaVsNewMedia)

JakobNielsen's thoughts :

MicroSoft want to turn it into a general "list" : my, my comment :

RSS as a brand : ( ( Branding)

See also : MicroContent