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He goes to NewYork with a hundred dollars, a cellphone and no contacts, and tries to make a million dollars in a month.

Worth following (as he's just started) because we'll see what he's really starting with, in terms of education, skills, social abilities etc. If he makes it, we'll get an idea how important those are. And I guess even if he doesn't, he has an interesting documentary film. And will have probably built up an attention-base that could be parleyed into something else.

Clearly a lot of free-online resources like YouTube and MySpace enable this kind of thing. (I wonder where he got the camera.)

Compare :

  • Anyone remember that 30-days internet startup (from Bubble 1.0) with no product and no business plan, that was bought after 30 days of doing nothing but talk aboit how they were creating a start-up in 30 days?

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