A description of Perfection vs. performance oriented people here :


It´s important to notice the domain qualification : I´m certainly curious to understand certain domains, but often this exploration is itself performance oriented. For example when I want to create a piece of software that lets me do something new, I´m exploring the space of possible activities. But I´m performance oriented about my programming language and IDE, I want to get on exploring what interests me, not what doesn´t ie. the tools.

Reminds me of the counterargument made in TheHilariousTragedy of geeks who write their own software but won´t learn to cook their own food.

From [the http://www.joelonsoftware.com/articles/Biculturalism.html the latest Joel article on software]: "The very fact that the Unix world is so full of self-righteous cultural superiority, "advocacy," and slashdot-karma-whoring sectarianism while the Windows world is more practical (<>)". I think this suggests that the Windows culture is performance oriented while Unix is perfection oriented. – ZbigniewLukasiak

See also FalseDichotomies?

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