OK, as of late November 2004, all I want to listen to is the Kleptones's amazing MashUp of various hip-hop artists and Queen. Absolutely album of the last 6 months as far as I'm concerned. (And maybe the year, if I can't think of anything else for the first 6 months)

: or the wiki version : http://thought.etherlands.net/wiki/index.php?KleptonesSamples

From the site :

I remember going to watch my mate Ralf back in the old days, y'know, when it was his band, doing his songs 'n' stuff and they were well wicked. The Free Butt, The Albert, The Pressure Point, they played everywhere.

NB : for the uninitiated, these are all Brighton venues. :-)

Are these the same Kleptones? : http://thekleptonesarestealing.songsfrom.us/

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